Thursday, August 18, 2011


Not alot to post about today, it is hot and humid once again, we didn't get much of a reprieve. Lot's of stressors today and I have had to fight to keep from eating anything and everything. So far I am still within my points so that is a positive. Hope everyone else is doing good.

Here are the eats so far: Bagel Thin with "fried" egg, didn't get to the nanner, I may get all wild and eat it later.

There is no picture of lunch, that went down the shoot too fast but it was a homemade pizza on wheat pita bread, few pepperoni slice, some low-fat monsterella and alot of spinach leaves. It was pretty tasty. Later in the afternoon I wanted to eat, eat, eat so I ended up having about 5 peanut butter pretzel nuggest with some Crystal Lite.

Dinner is just sliced apple and peanut butter:

That's my Thursday, see you guys tomorrow...maybe I won't feel so BLEH....


  1. The other day I ate so much junk food, I mean so much that I felt sick. So sick. Since then, I have not over eaten. I just couldn't fight my eating desires and did it. Now, I don't think I'll over eat again for a long time. LOL I guess I found the cure.

    Be strong! Fight the eating cravings. :)

  2. It has been so humid here that all i want is snow cones... :(