Friday, August 12, 2011

New Day, Old Plan

I didn't mean to be MIA yesterday but I ended up having to take the boy on the 21/2 hour trip (one way) to doctor to have medication in pump changed. The first of August the dr totally redid how it entered his body and for the last week it caused major problems at night-time (all night long some nights.) Can't have that with school starting this week. So off we went, my eating wasn't fantastic but it wasn't my worst of late.

I have made a decision that I am going to follow the WW Points Plus plan again and get back where I am eating points that are lower in carbs. I did my best when I followed this plan earlier in the year. Got to get back on the eliptical and start on the water.

Todays Eats so Far:
Bagel Thin with little Brumme and Brown, 1 "fried" egg, 1 slice bacon   7 points (I will add rest of eats later today AFTER I eat them)
 Here is a picture from our local newspaper I submitted when I took Jacob back in June to Destin, FL(just a little extra!):
Here is another of us enjoying the last of the day (I really don't have horns, that's just the ocean breeze blowing my locks around my head.)

and if anyone is wondering how the throw away puppy turned out: he's now as big as a pony and living the life of luxuary still at our house, he has his own pool beside ours:

Ya'll have a great day and I will see you again on Monday!!


  1. Looks wonderful and a lot of fun
    Where DID that puppy go - he's a lion now!
    Will always support re medical issues - know how hard it was. My little one had neurosurgery and having survived against the odds had to re-learn to do the basic skills, including sleep. There is nothing like sleep depravation when you're worried anyway. Sleep, or the lack of it makes things feel worse than they are. The good thing is there is a now and a later, one day it becomes an after and not a before. One day life turns normal again and you didn't notice it happen because you forgot what normal felt like...and it will. Until then lean on a few people, it really does help.

  2. I am a big advocate for Weight Watchers because it really does work and takes the guessing out of things. I ate healthy on my own for a few months, but got off track a little, so I am also back on the WW points plus plan. Good luck, I am sure you'll do great!