Monday, March 28, 2011

Spicy Chicken Breast Sandwich

Here I am but I will be out next couple of days, I have been catching up on reading different blogs this morning. Weight stayed the same AGAIN, only 1 pound gone for this month and I am just blowed away by that. I changed my goal of getting under 200 lbs to getting under 205 lbs by the end of the month (and getting under 200 seemed so easy a month ago.) Ah well...the Weight Watchers program goes on...

This weekend I made Spicy Chicken Breast sandwiches ( 7 points) on a whole wheat bun (4 points) with just a few baked french fries (2 points.) These chicken breasts were from Schwan's Foods and I baked them instead of frying. The reviews said they were "not that hot" and did say "peppery" but when they say "peppery" they mean "PEPPERY."

This morning breakfast was 1 egg with a shot of egg whites, sprinkle of shredded cheddar cheese and 2 slices bacon scrambled together in Brummel and Brown for 7 points. Lunch was a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread with a slice of pepperjack, 1 tsp mayo and lettuce (9 points) and a few pork rinds (not real healthy for you but the best choice at the time, 9 pieces for 2 points.)

Remember last month when I posted I was considering buying an eliptical? I am considering no more, this non-movement on the scales has prompted me to get more exercise into my day and I ordered this:
I am waiting on it to be delivered then I have to rely on my brother and cousin to put it together for me. I understand the eliptical will not work unless I get my end on it and make it work. That is my main goal for April, work up a good exercise program at least 5 days a week. Matter of fact my goals for April are:
1. Continue to track my points daily
2. No soda
3. Drink water everyday
4. Exercise at least 5 days a week.
No pressure to be under a certain weight, I almost went crazy this month with the damn scale not moving.

Friday, March 25, 2011

A New Snack Find

I found these and they cover a fruit serving and only 1 point+ per bar:
It has turned cold again in TN so I am going to be making a pot of chili this weekend.  So for the dinner weekend menu planning ( I must plan this out each weekend because as I have posted weekends are hard for me) I have:

Chili with lean chuck, 1 low fat cheese stick and raw veggies
Schwan's Spicy Chicken filet on whole wheat bun with baked french fries and raw veggies

Breakfast this morning was protein: 1 egg with a little egg white, sprinkle of cheese and 2 slices of bacon scrambled together and a Cutie. Here is lunch (and the pic is terrible, had to use my cell phone but it gives yo an idea) 2 slices 100% whole wheat  bread, 1 slice pepperjack cheese and 4 oz. baked chicken breast with lots of green lettuce for 9 very filling points, with carrots and broccoli pieces:
Then later in the day I got really, really, REALLY stressed and instead of eating everything I could find I settled on a WW Cinnamon Crumb Cake and it took the edge off for 3 points.

So what's everyone's plans for this weekend? I will talk to you on Monday...

P.S. I have ordered the eliptical!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Very Hard To Do

I knew when I started this new way of eating and thinking the weight loss was going to be hard to come by. I have always had a hard time losing weight for some reason, maybe the thyroid issue I have battled since age 20 has a little something to do with it. But in the last month I have followed the WW program, exercised as I can, putting in more water, lowering carbs...and losing it is still very hard to do. But through the blogging community I am seeing it is hard for many but strangely easy for some. I read of people consistently each week "down 2.6 lbs, down another 1.3 lbs!" and then there are those like me, "up and down the same 2 or 3 lbs." I am glad for the people that do not have such a struggle because when the scale isn't moving AT ALL with all the hard work, there are days when you are an emotional eater and food is your best friend, you feel like throwing in the towel and eating every damn carb in the house. I am beginning week 8 of the journey, still just getting started and 11 pounds down. I expected to be much further but am thankful for the 11 pounds. And so the journey continues...

Today for breakfast I had 2 slices whole wheat bread with little bit of Brummel and Brown and 1 fried egg:
Had the banana later for snack!

Going to lunch later today with my son who is on spring break who unfortunately for me wants to eat a Chinese buffet. I will make the best choices I can. In the mean time:

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Work, Work, Work

Not forgetting to blog, just too busy at work! Hope everyone is doing good, I am trying to read my blogs but don't have time to comment or even check in much. Next week should be better...take care

Monday, March 21, 2011

Protein Pancakes

If you haven't tried 'em, you gotta try 'em! They are smoking hot good! I didn't get a picture, I was too busy eating them. I made 3 good size ones and topped them with a little lite syrup and they were delish for 7 points. Here is the recipe I got it from

as seen on Preventionrd 

Servings - 1   Serving size - four 6" pancakes or 3 bigger ones   Points Plus per svg - 7 points+
Calories - 280,   Total Fat - 3g,   Carb. - 32.8g,   Protein - 30g,   Fiber - 4g

1/2 cup Old Fashioned Oats
1/2 cup fat free cottage cheese
1/2 cup egg beaters
1/2 tsp. pure vanilla extract
1/2 tsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp. cinnamon
dash of salt
water ( optional )

1.  Combine all ingredients in blender or food processor ( I think next time I will use my magic bullet!) and process until smooth and combined.  About 30 seconds to 1 minutes.  If batter seems too thick to you, add a bit of water to loosen. Allow to stand for 5 minutes. 
2.  Heat med nonstick skillet that has been sprayed with cooking spray on med-high heat.  Add batter, about a 1/4 cup at at time ( for the smaller cakes, a bit more for bigger cakes) and spread evenly with a spoon.  When bubbles form on top and the edges start to get dry, flip and cook other side.  Repeat with the rest of batter. 

Well, I have managed to drop 1 lb in the past month and I am not going to gripe about it after the struggle to just lose that pound. I don't think I realized how hard it was going to be to pull this weight off, or yet maybe I did and that is why I have put the effort off for so long. More later...

Friday, March 18, 2011

Taste Tests

I have been reading weight loss blogs for awhile now and alot of them rave about Luna Bars and the advertising of these bars are geared towards women so I thought I would give them a try. Found some at the local Walmart for .98 a piece. I know these are tooted as healthy and have alot of good stuff in them, this opinion is based soley on the TASTE factor as I see it. Others have different opinions and I get that, this is just mine: Carmel Nut Brownie--not bad, pretty good taste and no icky aftertaste, will buy again

Next one I tried was the S'mores--another not bad, it had 9 grams of protein, aftertaste not too bad, will buy again:
And the third Luna Bar I tried was Lemon Zest--HATED IT! Tasted like I was eating Lemon Pledge. I lost .98 on this one, couldn't even get past a couple of bites and the only reason I had a second bite was to make sure I hated it as bad as the first bite made me think I did:

I have also tried other products lately and here are some different ones and what I thought:

Weight Watchers Cheesecake Yogurt:  1 point--fair, it had a very fake sweet aftertaste, won't buy again:
And I have been eating Thomas Bagel Thins and can only find them at Sam's Club but ran across the new Nature's Own 100% Whole Wheat Bagel Thin at Walmart and they were very good for 3 points. I will definitely be buying them again and again:
Headed into the weekend, hope everyone has a great one. It is supposed to be beautiful here so I plan on doing plenty of walking in the sunshine. I have upped my exercise and water intake hoping to make the scales move. Searching for help from anyone that has hit a plateau, I won't to get over it and move beyond it and not give up.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Paddy's Day

And still no movement from the scale front, I may throw that sob out the window in the morning...More later, hope everybody doing good.

St. Patrick's Day at my house for my boy, Green Eggs and Sausage, I said "yuck!" but I knew he would love it and he did.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bummed Out

I have just averaged it out and I have lost 1 that is ONE pound in the past month. WTH? I feel like bawling but can't because I have to get to work. I just don't understand what is going on and it doesn't seem right. Maybe if I start lopping off body parts I can get the scale to tip in a good direction, I am crushed. Excuse me while I go roll around in my misery...and I will try and keep this in mind today even though right now it does matter to me!:

Later...ok, whining and fit throwing over, it's a beautiful day and I am going to go walk during my lunch break. I will be having a  whole wheat pita pizza for my lunch and I am going to enjoy it and move on. I knew this wasn't going to be easy when I started.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Food Scales

I finally broke down and bought the food scales and as I was weighing different types of food last night I was shocked, SHOCKED! at how many points I have been eating just having a baked chicken breast. The meat alone off of just a "normal" size chicken breast, not one of those big-ass-honkers you can get pumped up with chemicals and sodium, just a small one mind you was 10 points!!! I won't even go into my sliced ham. Geez...but I am guessing the wake up calls with portions will just continue. I bought the Biggest Loser Kitchen Scale for $19.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond:

I wanted to share dinner last night, and I will quit putting yellow-orangey food on an orange plate, just something my son likes to eat out of and an easy grab, but I did the recipe from NutmegGirl's Open Faced Canadian Bacon Cheddar Cheese Omelet (she had Gruyere Cheese but I didn't have that...) and it was good. I used spinach instead of kale. Mine was 6 points as I cooked it in Brummel and Brown.

And here is breakfast, Wheat Bagel Thin with egg fried in Brummel and Brown and a Nanner:

I realize I posted a few days ago that I may be eating too many eggs and here I am having them for lunch and breakfast! smile!! They are such easy protein though...Snack before lunch was another Green Monster: 1 orange with cup of spinach and lots of ice.

Lunch today was blah for me, I had the rest of the ham (2 oz!) on 2 slices whole wheat bread with 1 tsp Hellman's Lite Mayo (I ended up taking the cheese off, just didn't want the 2 points) and a bunch of raw veggies for 6 points and I guess I will get all crazy wild later this afternoon and eat an apple. (Have I mentioned today the scales still aren't moving except a little up then a little down, over and over again for the last 3 weeks?)
Everyone have a great rest of the day, again, as I can will blog or not blog over the next couple of days. It's crazy around here.

Oh yeah, one more thing, have you looked at how everyone is passing around the Protein Pancakes recipe? I will be trying these babies out sometime soon! 3 big ones for 7 points+ check out  My Kitchen Adventures post on them and Loser for Life has also posted on their deliousness. Will see!

Monday, March 14, 2011


I will be working alot this week on a trial we are in the middle of so I will post when I can. Scale not budging, not sure what is going on. Bought a food scale to start weighing my portions just to be sure. I might not post much this week but I will be checking in on how everybody else is doing (which seems to be really good! I can't wait to join you!)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Have Great Weekend!

Lot's going on today so I can't sit and talk much. For breakfast I had a Bagel Thin with peanut butter and little Polander's All Fruit Spread and glass of 1% milk for 8 points:

Had my Orange, Banana, Strawberry Spinach Smoothie:

Lunch was this again, damnit!! but I only ate half again, it was the majority of the rest of my points but I will do good and have fruit for supper: (Can't find picture, it is another fried catfish lunch!)

Thursday, March 10, 2011


I didn't plan on weighing in this morn since "it" started in the night but I was curious (shouldn't have been) and was up 2 lbs. I am not changing my weight loss tracker unless it doesn't go away after a couple of days of this bloating. I have bitched enough about the 3 week up and down 2 lb fight so I am not going there today. Just going to be tracking all my food. I got to thinking about something last night, I was thinking about that WW meal I had yesterday and how it was in this itty-bitty container and not much food and how that itty-bitty container with not much food was 7 points. I still may need to work on portion sizes, and that is scary because if I cut back much more it will seem like no food. Now that has me thinking somemore...I have a friend that weighed 530 lbs and he recently had gastric by-pass and has loss around 145 lbs. He eats almost NOTHING and the doctors tell him what he is living on is all he will need for the rest of his life. So does that mean we really don't need much food to sustain us? When food is your comfort and way of life this is a hard thought to swallow. I know my friend is dealing with the mental part of craving food even after having the surgery.

So even though I am starting week 6 in this journey I am also waiting to see what happens in the long-run. Today I was reading "Romancing the Ordinary" by Sarah Ban Breathnach" and just so happens it was on "waiting." I want to share some of it with you:

Between the Dreaming and the Coming True

Until recently, I've shared T.S. Eliot's approach to waiting: "Hurry up please it's time." But it never is time for the waiting to be over, until it's time. No matter how much wringing of the hands, crying, begging or bargaining we do, the waiting will continue until it's damn good and ready which is rarely soon enough....The only good thing to be said about waiting, and I hate to be the one to say it, is that it works. Waiting is the soul of the Divine Scheme of Things, whether it suits our plans or not. Heaven and earth may pass away but waiting won't so we better learn to deal.

And so I wait and while I do today I ate my go-to-breakfast of Egg, Bacon and Cheese Scramble on Hashbrown 7 points, I use Frank's Hot Sauce, love love love it!

(Notice the shadow? It's dark at 5:45 am!) I am thinking I am going to start chaning my breakfast up a bit. I seem to be eating eggs every single day because I like the protein keeping me full for so long. I have looked around and plan on trying Loser for Life's Protein Pancakes and some other protein ideas I have found.
I accidently left my lunch at home today (darn it!!!) so I ended up eating baked chicken from Kroger, 10 points, with 2/3 cup frozen steamed vegetables in a sauce for 2 points:

I saved the Greek yogurt, I was full so I stopped. Later I needed a chocolate pick me up (I said it was one of "those" days!) so I had 1 Dove Carmel and 1 Dove Peanut Butter for 2 extremely lucious points:

Supper is going to be Steel Cut Oats with blueberries and lowfat milk!

So that is my day, hope everyone is doing and feeling good. I am off to walk on the tread-mill for at least 30 minutes (and keep waiting!) By the way, here is a pic of me and my son just so you have a face to match the blog. We are having his 10-year-old Hippie Birthday party January 2011--

P.S. I said last post or so I wasn't following any guys but I have found one now and he has lost bunches! Check out his blog on my lists. What an inspiration!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

WW Orange Sesame Chicken

Had this for lunch today and it was pretty good, but seemed like NOT alot of food for 7 points!

Ponderings of Yesterday...Let's Go Left

Nearly every blog posted I have looked at this morn is saying the same thing, yesterday was HARD for most of us. We wanted to eat. We wanted to eat again. We wanted to eat somemore. We were depressed, sad, discouraged, angry, tearful, many negative emotions were hitting us at all points of the US and Canada. The stars and moon must have alligned in some screwed up order because most of us gals (I don't follow any men right now) were HUNGRY! Some of us binged alot, some of us binged a little, some of us just had a few things we shouldn't and some, like me, fought the shit out of it the entire day and evening but made it without eating our children. After the fight and struggle of the last few days and especially yesterday I got up and weighed and was up some. I could have cried but said, "to hell with it," and got right back to making sure everything going in my mouth the next few days is on plan. I will bust through this platuea! But I digress, I am still pondering the facts of yesterday and how it was universal for all. Small and strange world. And I am happy I started blogging to read and see it isn't just me, there are many with me and I am glad I have found kindred hearts (stomachs.)
At this point it seems as if nothing is going "right" in my weight loss because for three weeks of eating OP and not cheating except for 1 poptart the scale has only gone up and down within 2 lbs. It has been frustrating and challenging for me not to just say "F@*#^ it" and just eat what I want. This is my old mentallity of giving in when the scales don't move in cooperation with my eating. But something is different this time and I know it, I am actually saying and being truthful and it is presidented: I have only had 1 poptart. No cokes, no candy, no cakes (other than a WW treat now and then) no binging on carbs no, nada, nothing...for 58 days I have eaten fruits, vegetables in all sorts of ways, lean meat and whole wheat for the majority of the time. I am not having problems with acid reflux quiet as bad. I am exercising 2 to 4 times a week. I am drinking more water. I follow the 29 points I am allowed each day on WW and rarely dip into the weekly extras. I watch my portion sizes and try and measure everything correctly. So I guess I am doing many things RIGHT now that I was not 58 days ago and maybe I just need to turn LEFT a little bit and tweek things. I don't know...but I do know I am not quitting.

I have been thinking about the price of food and gas and ways I can budget better. I am finding it is very hard to eat healthy and save money. Fruits and vegetables are very expensive right now and I am constantly returning to the grocery to make sure I have everything I need to stay OP. I looked through the pantry, fridge and freezer last night then sat down and came up with as many meal plans as I could using things I have. I made a small list that I will need to go and get to follow this plan then I hope to stay out of the grocery except for bread and milk and maybe a little something my son needs. I made a list of Breakfast Ideas, Lunch and Dinner Ideas, and Snack Ideas and finalized with Extras for Jacob. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I. Hate. The. Scale.

That sucker will not move!!! Grrrrr!!!!!

And I got up this morning to find this by my fruit bowl:

So not funny Little Brother!

Breakfast started out this morning (not with Krispie Kremes!) but with 2 slices whole wheat  bread toasted with some Brummel and Brown and a fried egg for 8 points. I was hungry for protein and this hit the spot.

I use Nature's Own 100% whole wheat bread and I also use the Thomas Whole Wheat Bagel Thins. I am using whole wheat at all times and not having any white flour.

Lunch is somemore Buffalo Chicken Salad with crackers, carrott sticks and cucumbers for 9 points:

I had another Green Monster but changed it up and had 1 orange, 2 stawberries, 1 frozen banana, large handful of spinach and lots of ice and it was very good! You just gotta try it!!

I have been reading Danica's Daily and have looked several times at her:

Chicken Pot Sticker Veggie Soup Recipe:
2 tsp sesame oil
3 carrots, peeled and sliced
2 summer squash, halved and sliced
2 c fresh sliced white mushrooms
1 garlic clove, minced
32 oz Organic Chicken Broth
3 Tbsp Annie’s Organic Teriyaki Sauce
1 tsp (dashes) Srirachi or your favorite hot sauce
1 tsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 Package Trader Joe’s Mini Chicken Pot Stickers or comparable frozen Won Ton’s or Su Mei
6 c Organic Spinach
4 Scallions, sliced
1. Heat sesame oil in a large sauce pan over medium heat.  Add carrots through garlic and sauté for four minutes.  Add Teriyaki Sauce, hot sauce and chicken broth.  Bring to a boil.
2.  While the soup boils, heat the olive oil in a medium skillet and add pot stickers.  Cook for two minutes or until slightly browned and remove from heat.
3.  Add pot stickers to the soup mixture and boil one minute.  Add the spinach and cook for an additional minute.  Remove from heat and stir in scallions, reserving a small pinch to top soup boils.
Makes 4 LARGE servings with 9 potstickers each.  Each serving is 4 WW Points+!

Has anyone ever tried Chicken Pot Stickers and if so are they good? I found some at Kroger I think I could substitute but still rolling around this recipe in my mind wondering if I want to try it. It's got lots of good veggies in it but don't want to spend the $7.78 on the Ling Ling Chicken Potstickers if they aren't good. Anybody know for sure? Here is a picture of them:

Monday, March 7, 2011

Checking Back In

This is pretty much how I feel today:

I had a decent weekend of staying in within my WW points range, although I have to admit I had one slip in which I ate a poptart. I counted that sucker in, didn't leave it out. I noticed something as I was eating it, it really didn't taste good. It wasn't worth the points, it wasn't worth the guilt I put myself through afterwards. I used to LOVE poptarts, that and big glass of milk was a comfort food. Needless to say I was shocked to discover it tasted fake. Did all those millions of past pop tarts taste fake and I was too food drugged to notice? Damn...Ah well, I am definitely in the "before" week which is a hard one for me and I am trying to maintain my weight. No loss to note, no gain and this is begining to really get on my nerves. I am seven days into March with nothing to show. I am not happy right now.

I had tons of company this weekend and wasn't able to take pics of what I ate. I did make the Buffalo Chicken Salad and it was "ok" and I did make the Banana Muffins and must have done something extremely wrong because they tasted horrible and I threw them all away. I had plenty of fruit and vegetables, drank water and exercised. Still up and down that two pounds, so I decided to not weigh for a couple of days, and just keep keeping on.

This morning was a Thomas Bagel Thin with 2 tsp. peanut butter and a little bit of Polander's Grape Jelly for
6 points. Lunch--a 6 oz grilled chuck hamburger on a wheat bun with little bit of Miracle Whip and lots of green lettuce for 10 points and steamed vegetables. I will do better tomorrow at trying to get a picture of all my lucious foods I am eating.

Friday, March 4, 2011

PreWeekend Thoughts

It seems like yesterday I was posting I kind of dreaded weekends because of the urge to snack, etc. and here is another one quick as lightning! Time flys so quickly. Anyhoo, I have planned my food out for the weekend and here is an idea of what I will be having--

Banana Muffins from Little Green Bites recipe

buffalo chicken salad made with Light Laughing Cow cheese wedge and Frank's Hot Sauce on crackers
turkey sandwich on whole wheat with raw veggies

grilled hamburger on whole wheat bun with a few baked french fries, lots of lettuce and raw veggies
baked chicken breast with steamed vegetables at the Olive Pit (local restruant)
homemade pita pizza's with a salad

I've got plenty of fruit and some Weight Watchers sweet snacks if the urge is strong and I bought this to try sometime:

 I case you are wondering why I only post my breakfast and lunch pictures, well...I live in such a rural area there is nothing up dial up and I'm not paying for something that doesn't work, so I wait until I have access to interenet during the day and post what I can.

This morning I started the day off with my new fav: 1 egg with egg white, asparagus and onion, little cheese and a slice of bacon with a Bagel Thin with Brummel and Brown for I figure an 8 pt breakfast. I need to make my food pictures a little more "pretty" don't I? I just throw the food up there and show ya what I've got!

Snack was my Green Monster BUT I only used 1 orange and spinach instead of my usual 2 oranges. I am getting a couple of sores in my mouth and I think it's the acid from all the oranges everyday. Will see what happens only having 1. (By the way, the red check table cloth doesn't go in the dining room, it was there from my niece's birthday this past weekend and just haven't had time to wash it!)
Lunch was a piece of fried chicken (Kroger didn't have baked set out so I settled) salad with just a little Light Ranch and steamed veggies:

Lots of green in me today, and that in itself is amazing to me. My main diet used to only consist of meat, bread and Coke or Pepsi. Plan on eating light for my dinner even though I do have 9 points left today.  As I said in my last post I am struggling with getting past a certain point in my weight and taking Need To Get Me Back's advise and sucking down the H20 hoping that will help.

We will see...everyone have a good and healthy weekend and I will see you on Monday. Proud to read the losses everyone is having this past week too!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hump in the Road

It seems I have been up and down the same 2 lbs for a couple of weeks now. It is getting tiresome. What do you guys do when you need to get over a hump? I am DETERMINED to get beyond this!!

Yesterday at Little Man's 3rd grade book fair they had a few recipe books and I found a very good recipe book. It has tons of recipes that I want to try. If you see it, get it!:

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Wednesday!

How is everybody doing today? I am hanging in there, bit disappointed in my weigh-in this morning as I was up some for no good reason, but that happens. I know I have been staying within my point range and have not dipped much into my weekly points so it isn't caloric intake making me gain. I want to add another goal to my March Madness push: MORE FISH, I don't mean my Southern Fried Catfish. I bought a small recipe book while standing in check out line at Walmart this morning (where, by-the-way I paid $4.11 for 3 squash and did not realize it!!! WTF Walmart?!) that was entitled "Fish and Seafood Recipes" so maybe I can get some ideas.

 I have a question, when totalling your weight loss where do you begin? Do you start at your highest or do you start where you just started again? Meaning a year and half ago I weighed 236lbs, I got down so far and quit dieting, just maintained what I was, then at the beginning of 2011 made up my mind to go for it and I weighed in at 217 lbs. which is where I am now subtracting from showing up and down a 9 to 10 lb. loss since first of year. From a year and half ago that's a 29.4 loss, which in the scope of my my...doesn't that look good?!?! Just curious how everyone else looks at their weight loss.

The morning started out with a wheat bagel thin topped with little peanut butter, banana and some Polander's All Fruit spread and a cup of 1% milk:

and another Green Monster through the morning for snack: 2 oranges, large handful of spinach, pack of Splenda, blended up with lots of ice:

and lunch had to be a business lunch so I had a huge salad with probably TOO much Ranch and a piece of fried chicken with no skin. Not the best lunch but I have had much worse in the day. Hope to check in tomorrow, everyone take care.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I have been trying to come up with some snack ideas lately that will keep me in WW points plus range and taste good. One of my favorite things is popcorn and I recently found in a magazine these tasty sounding ideas:
 Start with 3 cups air-popped pop car in a bowl and mix in any of these ingredients, cover bowl and shake to mix:
1.  Cheesy Ranch Popcorn: 5 sprays butter-flavor spray, 1/2 tsp dry ranch salad dressing mix, 1/4 cup goldfish crackers  WWpoints+ 5
2.. Southwest Spicy Popcorn: 5 sprays butter-flavored spray, 1/8 tsp each garlic powder, ground cumin and chili powder; 1/4 cup pretzels; 1 Tbsp pumpkin seeds   WWpoints+ 6
3.  Tutti-Frutti Popcorn: 2 Tbsp yogurt covered raisins, 2 Tbsp mixed dried fruit bits  WWpoints+6
4.  Monster Cookie Popcorn: 2 Tbsp low-fat granola, 2 Tbsp raisins, 2 tsp M and M's chocalate candy  WW points+ 7
5.  S'mores Popcorn: 1/2 cup honey graham cereal, 2 Tbsp mini marshmellows, 1 Tbsp mini choc chip morsels WW points+ 7

I have been reading where everyone is making goals for themselves to try and help push and motivate to continue to exercise and eat healthy every day. Hey, I'm on board. For the month of March it is my goal to get into OnederLand, I need 8 lbs to do it so I am going to work hard EVERY SINGLE DAY to make this goal happen. I am losing weight extremely slow, but I realize it is better to lose slow than to not lose at all, so get ready March, I am fixing to pour it on and see what happens...