Friday, June 10, 2011

How Hot Is It?

Not able to post yesterday, had too much going on.  Everybody doing ok? I started this morning out with 2 slices Delightful Honey Wheat Bread with some Brummel and Brown and 1 fried egg plus a banana for snack later in the morning. This is a very good breakfast and keeps me full until lunch:

And lunch was the best I could do--1 piece fried chicken without skin (took more skin off after pic) and some homemade coleslaw with fresh tomato pieces:
and then I went all buck crazy wild and added 1 small oatmeal raisin cookie (it went so fast no time for picture taking.)

All I have to say people is that it is HOT, I mean HOT, here in West TN. It's been hot for days and days! This is how hot it is and if you are offended in any way I am sorry but I still gotta post how hot it really is:
Ya'll have a good weekend! 


  1. Okay, the food pics just made me hungry (I think it's time for a snack) but the cartoon made my day!!!

  2. That cartoon is so funny. Thanks for posting. We had a 2 day heat wave, it was about 95 here in SoDak, then it moved East. It wasn't pleasant, but food doesn't taste good when it's that hot. Salad hits the spot then!

  3. Offended? Nope. Because that's EXACTLY the way I feel! LOL

  4. Oh, the pumpkin granola bars are Kashi Crunchy Granola Bars in Pumpkin Spice Flax and they are AWESOME!!! 170 calories for 2. They are in my "foods I'll be able to eat again once I'm not a lunatic" list.

  5. Hahaha... I love the cartoon!