Monday, June 6, 2011

Let the Summer Slimdown Begin!

Weighed in this morning for the Summer Slimdown and had a slight gain. Made me sick as I have tracked calories/points everyday and exercised nearly everyday this past week. Same ole same ole, up, down, up, down, but I refuse to give in and give up!

I will try and check on blogs and comment when I can. But I am determined to stick to my goals for the Slimdown. Going to divide them up weekly I think and post how it is going each week with the exception of the last week of June. I more than likely will not be around a computer that week.

So here we go with day One! Good luck everybody!

Here is a recap of my goals set last month:

Food: Changed! Follow WW Points Plus Program where I get 29 PP daily, with plenty of protein, fruits and vegetables, and keeping the carb count on the lower end due to my insulin issues. I plan on logging on My Fitness Pal, when I can, to track my calories to make sure my points are ranging between 1200 to 1400 daily. With my job it is easier for me to count points.

My end goal is to track daily and eat healthy limiting processed food when I can and not beating myself up if I can't for a meal. Weight loss would be a grand thing too (smile.)

Water: Water intake is a work in-progress for me. I tend to retain water and do not lose when I am drinking lots of it. I do not understand this, maybe I just don't drink it enough days to flush it out. goal is to drink 64 oz. of water daily, pure water, not tea, etc. and see what happens.

Exercise: I want to exercise 4 out of 7 days a week, a minimum of 30 minutes, by walking on elliptical, walking outside, resistance bands, etc.

My end goal with exercise is : Just MOVE MORE!!


  1. I've joined the challenge too- looking forward to it! The water is a hurdle for me too. Good luck!

  2. Awesome goals. We can all do this! I find that when I get started on my water early, I have no problem getting it all in. But, when I get up and make coffee... It's all over...

    Good luck! I look forward to "tagging along" on your progress. :)

  3. Hi this is Nicole from Colie's Kitchen I found your blog through the Summer Slim Down Challenge! I hope you are having a successful day. I am your newest follower and I am looking forward to watching your dieting success. Stop by anytime! nicole @

  4. Stick to that plan and you will have success!

  5. You have great reasonable goals!

  6. Those are wonderful goals, glad to be in the challenge with you and good luck! Water is a tough one! I have found a favorite water bottle and now I feel naked if I don't have it with me at all times! It just takes some time to train yourself to it.

  7. Upping water will cause bloat for a while, then the body gets used to it and you find you CRAVE water. We all bloat from time to time (like me, today). Fluctuations in sodium/potassium ratios in food, etc. Happens. But water/fluids are important, especially for dieters, especially for EXERCISING dieters.

    Happy Tuesday