Monday, June 13, 2011

Week 1 Recap

Made it through the first week of Summer Slimdown and here is a recap of my goals:

1. Food: stayed within my points this week, did have a couple of times where I ate something I should not, but tracked it and counted it; Loss for the Week: -1.2  

2. Exercise: to exercise 4 out of 7 days, 30 minutes each day. Didn't quiet make it, I did exercise 3 days this week at 30 minutes. Need to improve here.

3. Water: drink 64 oz. daily. I failed miserably here. I have the hardest time getting down water! Will try much harder.

Here are some shots of things I ate this weekend:

Green tomaters are in and cooked up a few in some olive oil instead of vegetable oil, very good Southern eating! ( I only had ONE.)
Lunch one day was a good sandwich with 2 slices Delightful Honey Wheat Bread and some shaved ham and turkey, little light mayo and lettuce with slice pepper jack, few fat free Pringles:

And this morning I tried something new for breakfast and it was pretty good--Cinnamon Cherrios with 1% milk. I will finish the box but don't think I will buy again, they didn't really have any taste:

Overall I am pleased with everything but need to work harder eliminating the processed foods, getting in my water and exercising more. I will keep up the fight and hope everyone else will too. I am going to be out of pocket until Friday and will not be able to post or check on everyone else. So between now and then everybody take care and DON'T GIVE UP!


  1. OK one more WW I can share my story with. Circa 1990 I lived in a more or less luxury apartment complex in Vegas that had 5 pools and each master bedroom had luv tubs. It was summer and I would go weighing about 220 (that was my weight for the longest time in life). At 5'5" imagine it. At the pool and hiding my fat body with water in the Jacuzzi. A tall gorgeous blond with a bikini kept staring at me. Several things came to mind...maybe she thinks I am pathetic, or maybe she has a thing for fat chicks. Then she just started talking "I used to be like you. Hiding my fat and wearing a t-shirt over my bathing suit. Yes I used to weigh in the 2 hundreds. You know what worked for me and why I have this body? I owe it to Weight Watchers. It works." I was impressed. And thankful she wasn't freaky gay on me (maybe). LOL.
    In life I have met 3 beautiful women who you never could tell they were ever fat until they tell you and they all thanked WW for it and had to share it with me. The were beckoning me to join the ranks because hey I WILL be that (older version) of them. LOL
    Right now I just need a no brainer. I can lower my carbs avoid one aspect of eating. Then try to increase my activity. I just can't keep to a routine. But maybe soon I will understand in watching the "Watchers" that I can be happily losing and have a full spectrum available to me. Thank you for sharing because it is applied knowledge that is so much more effective than words. The blog roll is that for us and the sharing is a good thing.

  2. I find it helpful to gauge my water using my water bottle. I know I have to drink 4 full rounds of my precious red stainless steel water bottle. So, I make it into a little game. One down by 10am, a refill for lunch, late afternoon another fill and by the end of supper - before workout I fill my 4th and that is easily gone after a walk and workout. Using the same container and becoming very familiar with it helps.

  3. I am getting the water in but I don't love it. LOL I don't have any tricks to help you with it either because I just had to make up my stubborn mind to do it.

    Congrats on the loss!

  4. You could substitute some of the water with green tea to make up your fluids, give you a change of taste. Or add a squeeze of lemon or lime. Well done on your loss!

  5. Mmmm.. fried green tomatoes are delish! Congrats on your loss. :) I love my camelbak water bottle; I drink so much more carrying that around. Also like another commenter said, some lemon really helps it go down if you just aren't feeling it that day. Commit to it for a week, set an alarm on your phone.. have you had one bottle yet kind of thing. I guarantee you'll see more results! Good luck.

  6. Using a straw helps get more water down. Don't know why but it works.

  7. oo I love those cinnamon cheerios! I drink way more water when I drink out of a straw, maybe you could try that out.

  8. Never had Fried Green Tomatoes, they sound delish !! Good job on the weight loss !!!

  9. Good job on the weight loss for last week. Good luck this week. You can do it.

  10. Exercise is the hard part for me! Good on ya for getting in what you did:-) Congrats on the loss!

  11. Fantastic weight loss! You'll get more exercise in and water, too, during the next week. You can do it! Here's to a great second week! Michele

  12. Nice on the weight loss. The water will get easier but you got to get it down, it makes a HUGE difference!

    Hope things will be looking up for you soon! Stay positive and make good choices!