Friday, May 6, 2011

Blogger Award

Wow. Just got awarded my first blogger award, I am deeply honored...

(wiping tear away) I have never considered myself "stylish" until this award from Need to Get Me Back ( she's kicking butt in the weight loss department.)
The rules:
1. Post a link back to the person who gave it to me.  Need to Get Me Back at

2. Give it to other blogs that I L.O.V.E. and stop by their blogs to let them know (they are in no particular order BTW, and if you click on them you'll be taken away to their wonderful blogs.) Note from Me:  I look at lots of blogs and all are great and supportive, and I recommend all of the blogs in my blog list for inspiration and motivation.
Struggling at
Weighing for 50's at
Happy Texans at
Healthy Dreaming at
Your Lighter Side at
Maria's Musings at

3. Tell 7 things about yourself.

1. I have a disabled child who has cerebral palsy. I feel I am very lucky to own this child. I know I am very lucky that his disability is not too severe and does not effect him mentally. Coming into the world weighing 1 lb. and 1 oz. things could have been catastrophic, but ended up much better than I ever thought (he's gifted in reading and plays the guitar, keyboards and drums!)

2. I secretly read bodice rippers.

3. I am divorced (see post #2, probably why I read bodice rippers.)

4. I have pale blue pigmentation in my eyes which causes people to do a back-take alot when I take off my glasses. If I had a nickle for everytime I have heard "your eyes look like they belong on one of them big snow dogs!"

5. I am a college grad and almost completed my Master's Degree but dropped out to get married and start a family.

6. I am what is known as a "haunter" every year I do a haunted house or trail and give all proceeds earned to charity. I LIVE for Halloween each year.

7. I help kick ass in a court room.

SO...there you go...


  1. I can tell you are such a sweet and special person; and not only because you like my blog and adore Halloween with the same enthusiasm that I have. I hope you get to go back and get that Master's Degree if it's something you want to do. Minimally, I'd share my bacon with you.

    With love
    And bacon,
    Your Lighter Side

  2. :) thank you for sharing a bit about yourself! Have a lovely mother's day weekend!

  3. Thanks for recommending my blog! (Although I'm not sure it's either very inspiring or motivating.) Also, wow! You seem to be such a sweet and interesting person, hosting charity haunted houses and kicking butt in the court room. Happy Mother's Day in advance! :)