Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Here I Am...

I haven't blogged in awhile, been very busy and still trying to keep it all together. I am reading blogs and keeping up but just no time to write (off 3 days with no Internet didn't help either!) I am sticking to my goals and tracking all food. Exercise needs improvement but I missed a week due to having pulled something in my left knee on a walk I took on a gravel road last Sunday (God love the country!) I did get some swimming in and elliptical work this past weekend. Here is list of food from yesterday, can't get my camera to download pics on puter so still not sure what is up with that (oh, and it hasn't escaped my attention I have went from counting cals back to points, it is just easier for me to keep up with points than calories, I plan on checking calories whenever I can)--

Breakfast: Protein Pancake with little pb and agave syrup (10 points)

Lunch: Half ham and swiss cheese sandwich with lettuce and 1 tsp mayo (4 points)
            few chips and very little french onion dip (3 points)
            fresh cherries (0 pp)

Snack: WW dark raspberry icecream (2 pp)

Dinner:  6 oz hamburger with mushrooms and onions (6 pp)
             bake french fries (3 pp)
             large salad with Ranch dressing (4pp)

Total:  32  pp
Used:    3of my weekly points

GOT to start doing better on my water!!! 

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day and didn't forget those who have served us in the military and serve even  now.
This is my little brother, curently trying to survive and complete Officer's Candidacy School in the Army, keep kicking ass Darius! I Love You and so Proud of You!!

(Second fella from the left....)

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