Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 4, Another Sigh...

"You don't have to get it right, you just have to get it going."  Author Unknown day, same weight, wonder if it is possible to hit a plateau when you first start dieting? Heh...Today, which is Friday, is going to be my weigh in days for better, for worse and as I have already stated NO CHANGE!! My body must really like what I am putting in it, it doesn't want to let it go. For the record I am sticking to the WW points plus system and some days go over my 29 points but I still have 49 extra for the week so I am staying within my limits. Just no drop in the scale for 2 weeks, really really odd, but I am in a routine now and I am not stopping, at least I'm not gaining. It is hard to read other people who are blogging about their experiences so far and they say, "dropped 5.6 lbs this week, or dropped 3.5 lbs this week..." maybe if I stay at it I can be one of those people too.

Breakfast::    2 eggs, 1 slice bacon with brummel brown
                    1 bagel thin, little brummel brown
                    1/2 cup 1% milk
Snack:          9 Baket pork rinds

Lunch:          large green salad, with chicken pieces, little ranch, little flax seed
Bad Cheat:   1 cherry pop tart (I must be premenstral!!!) 

I have been doing alot of soul searching coming off sugar and through it I am noticing I am having behavior changes. #1 I am being a bitch. I am depressed and I keep thinking a large coke from McD's would put everything just. about. right. I am praying this will pass and the mood changes will adjust. I drank the high octane cocoa yesterday (wasn't sugar free) to try and help adjust my mood (didn't help, wasn't nearly enough sugar so my body said) but today not going to try that route. Oh , I guess I am getting sugar in my foods, etc. but I have totally laid down the cokes and pepsi's since Christmas day and no Little Debbies or pop tarts or fun-size candy bars I was mindlessly eating before. #2 I am battling the mind set "I ate all that crap and still weighed the same..." but I know no matter the weight my body needs to not have sugar and lots of refined flour, so I am hanging in there, getting a little whiny around the edges, but hanging in there.

I see many people that take pics of what they eat and that helps give me ideas. I may do this from time to time is I have time to take a picture of my food. I really like the ones that have recipes with pics, might do that too. I am going to try and cook a new recipe for Polish Corn Chowder I got off Spark People, I will try and take a pic and post IF it's one worth sharing. I may not be able to blog this weekend. I don't have internet at home but if I get near a computer that does I plan on catching up if I can, if not I will be back on Tuesday as we get Monday off.   

Addition: The Polish Corn Chowder recipe was NOT a success so I am not going to post it.  And I ended up eating that dog-gone pop tart and you know what? It didn't even taste good.       

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