Monday, April 18, 2011

Hard Weekend

Morning all, how's everybody doing? I had a hard weekend, I battled sugar and carb cravings until I thought I would cry. I ate a little extra fruit to try and get me through it. I figured that was better than the Reece's peanut butter eggs I have out for my son and family. I know many others get it completely out of the house but I don't think it's fair to those who can indulge occasionally that I can't control myself. Hoping this will pass soon but wonder if it just won't be an off and on battle.

For those who read my last entry and are concerned, just check into IR a little more. How I found out to check was a friend of mine had a 15-year-old daughter to be dx and after reading her info I KNEW I had to see a doctor. I should have 30 years ago but my mother didn't have a clue to even have me checked for such a thing. Even after knowing I resisted the diet, I DO NOT want to cut carbs so low, but I finally came to the realization when I wasn't losing on WW and exercising daily I had to quit fighting the obvious. I am in a learning process now on how to hopefully get my body to process food correctly and not store it as fat. I bought the 2011 Calorie King: Calorie, Fat and Carbohydrate Counter and as I read through it I realized I am eating carbs in many places I never knew they were, so I am figuring out how many a day I can eat and lose weight. An example, on past low carb diets that I only lasted several days on, I would eat peanuts and nuts like crazy. 1 oz of cocktail peanuts has 6 carbs. I never knew they had any so I binged on them. Gotta rethink and relearn my way of eating and it is going to be hard.

Weekend eating:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs with cheese, onions and peppers
Lunch: hamburger steak, large salad
Supper: celery and peanut butter, apple and orange throughout day for snacks


  1. You probably already know this but don't forget to subtract the fiber from the carbs to get net carbs. That's really what you worry about because we can't digest fiber like herbivores (cows, horses, etc) can.

    On my blog you asked about the protein pancakes. Are you talking about the flax pancakes on my blog or another recipe? The flax pancakes are 3g net carbs for the entire recipe.

    Also, you can subtract sugar alcohols from sugar free things you eat to get net carbs.

    For a raging sweet tooth, there are low carb ice creams from Breyer. Or try an Atkins bar. Atkins even have low carb "Reese's" cups.

  2. I don't count carbs anymore. I just began eating less starch. Then I went even lower in January--cut down to ONE starch a day (1/2 cup rice, 1/2 small to medium potato, 1/2 to 3/4 cup pasta (depending on its resistant starch/carb counts, 1 slice Ezekiel or whole grain bread or a couple Wasa crackers). Now, I find I lose better on days I have even less starch. Skip the bread, skip the rice, skip the potato. I siimply LOSE most of my appetite and get full faster, cause what replaces starch (a concentrated source of insulin-spiking carbs) is vegetables and protein/fat. Veggies and protein/fat don't spike insulin. No big appetite, no binge-ing, less hunger overall. I can nearly go a whole day without eating and not feel de-energized, cause my body is getting better at burning its fat stores....

    The withdrawal is REAL. Read THE END OF OVEREATING by KESSLER today. This minute. Download it from or (if you don't have a Nook or Kindle, use your PC application that's easy and quick to download and install from either provider). Seriously, it will show you why your brain really is wanting that stimulation.

    You have to break the stimulation cycle and replace it. Kessler talks about it. Read WHY WE GET FAT by Gary Taubes. It's like a companion in my mind to THE END OF OVEREATING in addressing the science behind cravings, overeating, fat storage and Taubes really hits the insulin resistance issue.

    Read THE NEW EVOLUTION DIET to see how one man discovered greater health and leanness while trying to save his wife and kid from the ravages of brittle diabetes. (Basically, he discovered the glycemic index himself using blood testing with family.)

    And keeping treats in the house can be banned. You can tell your family if they want treats, eat them out of your sight, out of the house. What? you think them eating treats is more important than you being healthy or, in fact, ALIVE long enough to make more happy days with them? Really. Think about that? How is sugar/candy crap helping children?

    It doesn't. So, don't feel guilty about limiting and exiling them as needed until you have a handle on your cravings/blood sugar issues.

    If you wanna know what I eat, I eat pretty much what REFUSE TO REGAIN blog talks about (by happenstance, my dietitian and I worked out a plan for my I.r. and it's like the Primarian diet). Primarian is a cousin of Paleo/Primal. Which is a healthier version of low carb. It focuses on fresh food, organic ideally, but mostly vegetables and protein with healthy fats, and it skips grans/legumes. Sugar is banned. Paleo people won't even use Splenda (I do), so I'm not strictly Paleo/Primal.

    You simply have to say every day, "Grains/STarches are NOT my body's friend. Sugar is not my friend. these are enemies out to destroy my skin, muscle, brain, bones, health, life."

    Believe it and the cravings will pass...

  3. Note. Peanuts are legumes. Can you switch up to almond butter or macadamia nut butter. Better on the blood sugar.

    And don't eat fruit by itself. It does impact insulin release, so use fruit as DESSERT after a meal, when you have protein and fat in there first. Celery with almond butter would make a nice snack. Turkey in a lettuce leaf. Almonds. Macadamias. Walnuts. Or if you must snack on fruits alone, just make them the lowest GI ones (like berries).

    Otherwise, your day's eating plan is nice. You've sidelines the killer starches that is killing we I.R. folks. And I don't use the word killing lightly. It IS killing us, bit by bit...inflammation, fatty liver, loss of energy, brain fog, mood issues....heart attacks, cancer.

  4. Oh, Sweet tooth treats. I use:

    ~Sugar Free Jello with sugar free whipped cream
    ~Carbolite peanut butter patties (like Reese's pb cups), but not too often. Fake food, peanuts, sugar alcohols. They are to quell a crazy sweet need. Sometimes VERY DARK chocolate that is lower sugar or sugar free (ChocoPerfection, Sugar Free Valor, or just superdark Ghirardelli, the one that's 86% cocoa).
    ~Berries with sugar free whipped cream
    ~a bit of Greek yogurt (2% or full fat) with some chopped fruit and a few pieces of walnuts (amazingly filling)

    You can make sugar free treats with coconut oil and real unsweetened cocoa and sucralose. Recipes out on web.

  5. I second Princess Dieter's recommendation for Why We Get Fat. Life changing read for me.

    I also have REALLY enjoyed Protein Power Lifeplan. Lots of technical info but full of good stuff.

    Craving milk? Have unsweetened almond milk with some protein powder.

    I also get low carb yogurt from Kroger called carbmaster and mix in protein powder for a decadent treat that's good for me.

    Beef jerky. Deviled eggs. 1 oz cheese. And do always make sure to get protein with your fruit. NEVER eat fruit alone. The protein will lessen your insulin response (according to the books. I'm no doctor or scientist).

    The carb cravings will get better but it does take a week or two. I also keep salted almonds handy. 1/4 cup cures the munchies. Eat all the protein you want. Until you're full! Don't be afraid of fats. Fry those eggs in butter! Put butter on your veggies. Eat until you are satisfied. Eat when you're hungry. Your body will adjust. You shouldn't ever be hungry eating low carb.

    To answer your question about the pancakes:
    Kelly, I have made something similar that I got from Lori at Finding Radiance. The only difference is that it uses 1/3 cup of oats, egg substitute and cottage cheese. I used sparkpeople recipe calculator to calculate it and it comes out to 19 g net carbs.

    Yes, just count net carbs for your total daily count. No counting fiber.

  6. Kelly, you're never bothering me.

    I haven't found a protein bar that I'm in love with. If I need a quick snack on the go I'll have an Atkins bar or something I can find with low sugar/carbs. The Atkins bars only have about 10g protein. Not much.

    I usually just have a protein shake on the go. My favorite are the Jay Robb whey powders. Low carb (1g per scoop) and uses stevia as a sweetener. Plus they taste great! At least to me. :)

    I just put a scoop (or scoop and a half) in some almond milk and shake it up real good. You could also make a smoothie with a few berries, almond milk, ice and protein powder. A lot of times you can find sample packages pretty cheap at places like the Vitamin Shoppe so you can try a couple of flavors and see what you like. They also have a large selection of protein bars. Just check out the carb counts and try a few.

    The best protein bar? Beef jerky! Seriously.

    Sugar Free Jell-O has zero carbs if you're needing some sweets. I LOVE Carb Smart ice cream bars. 5g carbs and so good. My evening treat. :)

    Russell Stover makes tons of sugar free candies. Remember to subtract fiber and sugar alcohols for the carb count. Most are 1g net carbs. Not to be used all the time but sometimes a girl needs some chocolate! Right?

    Try those atkins peanut butter cups and bars. Their bars are like candy bars. Again, not to be used all the time but we need a treat sometimes.

    I also like to put strawberries in heavy cream with a little sweetener. Nice decadent treat. Find you a couple of low carb cookbooks at the library and browse through them.
    I'm making low carb mini chocolate chip cheesecakes this week. 2.2g carbs each. I'll let you know how they turn out and post the recipe on my blog. :)

    Never hesitate to email with any questions. I might not always have an answer but I bet we can find it on the internet.

  7. Same as Kelly/Happy Texan/Hot Trophy Wife. ; ) You can feel free to email me. Email addy is on the upper right sidebar of my blog.