Monday, April 4, 2011

Rainy Monday

It's storming like crazy here in ole TN so that means a day inside for lunch. I DID NOT have a good weekend food-wise. I ate too many sweets after not having any in a long time and I took the weekend off and didn't even count points. I didn't binge like I have in the past, I just kinda ate what I wanted to at my meals. I just felt I needed a break from writing everything down so I could recharge and start again. Haven't weighed since Friday and am not going to for a couple of days. I got right back on the program this morning tho. Going to brush off this past weekend and gear down for the rest of the month. I did look back at my food intake for the month of March and I noticed I am using alot of points on carbs. May have to look into that.

I got my eliptical set up! The first time I got on it I could only do 7 minutes on Level 1 and then yesterday I did 10 minutes on Level 1. It is hard to do but I am going to keep at it every day. It made me appreciate walking!

I started the day off with 3/4 cup Honey Bunches of Oats new cereal with raisins and 1% milk. This is very good cereal!!

and here is a shot of lunch, not too good from my phone but it will do:

A Thomas Bagel Thin with 4 oz. baked chicken, 1 tsp. mayo, raw veggies, 1/2 grapefruit and green tea (sugar free) for 8 points. Going to have a WW Cinnamon Cake for a treat later today.

I have a new find that I really enjoy and it helps get my water down Crystal Light Green Tea with Peach and Mango! Good stuff!!! It also comes in Raspberry and I plan on trying that once I finish this one.

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  1. congrats on getting the elliptical set up! you will push through the plateau in no time!