Monday, April 11, 2011

Last Post for Awhile

Going on a short hiatus, haven't been able to blog like I want due to work and with the scales not budging it's really starting to depress me. So I am going to keep up with other blogs and comment as I can, but right now I am stepping out of blogshere for a little while to regroup, rethink and focus on whatever I need to do to get me through this plateau. Hope to talk again with you again soon...


  1. You gotta do what you gotta do. Just never ever give up. Will be here anxiously awaiting your return :)

  2. I do understand....its great for a honeymoon period...and then the going gets tough. You do what you have to do to get your head back in the right place for you. Don't leave us, come back and celebrate success after you have regrouped.

  3. Just checking in on you. Yes, I know you said you were going to take a break but you were on my mind. I hope you're doing well. Feel free to email me for anything:

    I'm always here to listen. :)

  4. take care on your hiatus! We will all be here rooting for your return.

  5. Hi Kelly. Wasn't sure if I should answer here or on my blog.

    After reading some books I decided to cut my carbs more than what IR book suggested. You don't have to! My mom has lost and incredible amount of weight quickly using that book. I just have a very bad case of IR so my body seems to keep most of my carbs as fat. Not what I wanted.

    Right now I am limiting my carb intake to 40grams or less per day. Usually keeping it around 30ish. It's definitely not zero carbs. Even eggs have a little bit of carbs. Strawberries have 3.3g per half cup. Broccoli, asparagus....all the veggies and fruits have some.

    I will slowly add more carbs back in as I approach my goal weight to see how many my body can tolerate without gaining weight. And every body is different so while I might max out at 50g per day, someone else might be able to have over 100g per day. Right now I'm trying to heal my insulin resistance and from what I've read it can be done. I will always be genetically predisposed for it so I can't ever go back to my super-carb life. And that's ok. I've accepted that I will only splurge on special or planned occasions.

    That's working for me. If you try the IR Diet and you don't see a weight loss, try cutting out a few more carbs.

    Here's my basic plan each day:
    3 meals with no more than 10g carbs each (though sometimes I go slightly over and that's ok)

    2 snacks of no more than 5g carbs each. And I'll even have a small glass of wine if I want it.

    I'm just trying to find what works for me. But you may respond GREAT to IR Diet. My mom has lost 50 pounds since Novemeber doing it. I just have to eat fewer carbs for my weight loss to really kick into gear.

    Wishing you the best!! Feel free to email any time. :)

  6. It's me again! :)

    I think you'll find that some of your carb cravings (I won't say all) will go away when you cut back on carbs. Read Why We Get Fat by Gary Taubes. Fascinating read. It really is.

    And I was also resistant to cut my carbs. I tried just counting calories at first but it didn't work out for me at all. I gained!

    You can do it! There is hope for all of us IR folks. Another lady with IR who blogs and is losing weight is Princess Dieter. She's on my blog roll. It's called Two Year to Happy Weight After.

  7. I am not as low carb as Kelly (though I may go there in the future). I try to keep my carbs under 100, and I do BETTER when they're under 80. I find that when I cut starches to 1 or no servings a day (starchy veggies, grains, etc), that my crazy appetite came under control. I don't have the binges at all anymore. My weight still moves SLOWLY..but I have I.R. AND hypothyroidism and I'm post-menopausal, so the odds are stacked against me. Still, down 88 pounds. :)

    Start by just eliminating sugar and starches down to no more than one whole starch serving a day at whatever meal ya want (as long as you don't have gluten or celiac disease). Concentrate on veggies and protein with healthy fats. Fruit, careful. Stay with berries, cantaloupe, plums and lower glycemic fruits at first to handle sweet tooth (never eat fruits alone, always with protein/at meals).

    If you can go as low as Kelly the Happy Texan, you will see weight loss. You will. I.R. will yield to carb restriction. It's cause and effect. Reduce insulin spikes, reduce appetite, incrase fat burn, reduce fat storage, reduce waistline.

    I wish you the best on your health journey.