Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Stepped on scale this morning and up 3 lbs from yesterday. No it isn't that time. Not sure what kind of cruel joke my body is trying to play on me. Had 47 net carbs yesterday, a little lower than previous days and have worked out daily 30 minutes on elliptical.

I am going to be reading everyone's blog daily if I can but I won't be posting for a little while but this time it isn't due to regrouping. We have a kidnapped 20-yr-old girl and two dead bodies in our District so needless to say, I'm going to be a little busy...Hang tight with me and check back, I will return when time allows.

P.S. Thanks to Kelly at Happy Texans and The Princess for their words of encouragement and support lately.


  1. Ah, the scale. Who can understand its ways? Yes, ups and downs. Don't worry about it. It will go down.
    Make sure you're drinking enough water. SO important!

    Don't eat too many nuts and seeds. Though low carb, they are calorie dense.

    Make sure you're getting enough protein.

    And on the opposite side of the spectrum, make sure you're actually getting enough to eat!

    Did you eat high calorie/carb a few days ago? Sometimes is can take up to a week for the scale to finally show it. I've read that in a couple of places and have experienced it myself. No stress.

  2. Check if the battery is working! Good luck with everything!

  3. Worrying news in your neighbourhood..I hope you're ok!
    try not to let the numbers mess with your head and your plans.
    Keep on going doing the right things and the numbers will take care of themselves.

  4. That stupid scale can throw everyone for a loop. Just keep going, tomorrow you may be down 5 lbs!

  5. Kelly,
    Muscles weigh more then fat, so maybe all those 30min. workouts are building up your muscles... which could explain the 3lbs.

    Just keep doing what your doing, and you should try measuring your inches monthly.
    Sometimes the scale doesn't move, but the measuring tape sure does... !
    Keep staying positive !!
    Luv, Nik

  6. I'm really sorry to hear about this awful crime. :( Dang.

    As far as the scale, could be numerous things:
    1. did you consume a lot of salt in your meals (aside from the salt in cheese, etc)? Although the first week or so of going lower carb benefits from not going toooooo low salt or dehydration can result.
    2. Did you evacuate well? (Going low-carb can make some people not go. Not me. I got like clockwork. But I take 400 mg of magnesium every evening before bed for my asthma/bone health/glucose control (magnesium is important for I.R./diabetic). I've always been crazy regular (could go many times a day when I eat high fiber).
    3. Did you sleep well and sufficiently? Not sleeping can lead to halting loss and causing bloat. Dunno why, but I find it to be true and recent findings back up what I've experienced in the past years monitoring my losses.

    Lots of vegetables and fruit ought to provide nice fiber. TONS of water (I mean A LOT, and I make a habit of drinking 2 cups water before eating, sometimes 3, and then drinking 2 cups of fluids, sometimes 3, with/after a meal. This keeps stuff moving along and fills ya up. Lower carb diets need more fluid.

    Also, calories do count to some extent. I try to stay around 1200, as that's how my particular plan was set up by the R.D. to suit the DDDY Challenge. If you can keep your calories to, say, 1400 or so, that would give you plenty to eat (with the starches gone, enjoy real butter and cream) and keep the insulin spikes at bay.:)

    Best, babe.

  7. I try to weigh as soon as I wake up before I drink any water or eat. After using the washroom. I weigh at generally the same time everyday too.

    Hang in there lady! It will come to you in time.