Thursday, March 10, 2011


I didn't plan on weighing in this morn since "it" started in the night but I was curious (shouldn't have been) and was up 2 lbs. I am not changing my weight loss tracker unless it doesn't go away after a couple of days of this bloating. I have bitched enough about the 3 week up and down 2 lb fight so I am not going there today. Just going to be tracking all my food. I got to thinking about something last night, I was thinking about that WW meal I had yesterday and how it was in this itty-bitty container and not much food and how that itty-bitty container with not much food was 7 points. I still may need to work on portion sizes, and that is scary because if I cut back much more it will seem like no food. Now that has me thinking somemore...I have a friend that weighed 530 lbs and he recently had gastric by-pass and has loss around 145 lbs. He eats almost NOTHING and the doctors tell him what he is living on is all he will need for the rest of his life. So does that mean we really don't need much food to sustain us? When food is your comfort and way of life this is a hard thought to swallow. I know my friend is dealing with the mental part of craving food even after having the surgery.

So even though I am starting week 6 in this journey I am also waiting to see what happens in the long-run. Today I was reading "Romancing the Ordinary" by Sarah Ban Breathnach" and just so happens it was on "waiting." I want to share some of it with you:

Between the Dreaming and the Coming True

Until recently, I've shared T.S. Eliot's approach to waiting: "Hurry up please it's time." But it never is time for the waiting to be over, until it's time. No matter how much wringing of the hands, crying, begging or bargaining we do, the waiting will continue until it's damn good and ready which is rarely soon enough....The only good thing to be said about waiting, and I hate to be the one to say it, is that it works. Waiting is the soul of the Divine Scheme of Things, whether it suits our plans or not. Heaven and earth may pass away but waiting won't so we better learn to deal.

And so I wait and while I do today I ate my go-to-breakfast of Egg, Bacon and Cheese Scramble on Hashbrown 7 points, I use Frank's Hot Sauce, love love love it!

(Notice the shadow? It's dark at 5:45 am!) I am thinking I am going to start chaning my breakfast up a bit. I seem to be eating eggs every single day because I like the protein keeping me full for so long. I have looked around and plan on trying Loser for Life's Protein Pancakes and some other protein ideas I have found.
I accidently left my lunch at home today (darn it!!!) so I ended up eating baked chicken from Kroger, 10 points, with 2/3 cup frozen steamed vegetables in a sauce for 2 points:

I saved the Greek yogurt, I was full so I stopped. Later I needed a chocolate pick me up (I said it was one of "those" days!) so I had 1 Dove Carmel and 1 Dove Peanut Butter for 2 extremely lucious points:

Supper is going to be Steel Cut Oats with blueberries and lowfat milk!

So that is my day, hope everyone is doing and feeling good. I am off to walk on the tread-mill for at least 30 minutes (and keep waiting!) By the way, here is a pic of me and my son just so you have a face to match the blog. We are having his 10-year-old Hippie Birthday party January 2011--

P.S. I said last post or so I wasn't following any guys but I have found one now and he has lost bunches! Check out his blog on my lists. What an inspiration!

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  1. I hear ya on the puny portions in tv dinners. Have you heard of volumetrics? Basically, you increase your portion size by adding more food that is low calorie. For example, you take that tv dinner and add loads of steamed veggies to bulk it up. You get double (or more) food for virtually no more calories than what the box says. It seems super obvious, but next time you have one of those dinners try it out!