Thursday, March 24, 2011

Very Hard To Do

I knew when I started this new way of eating and thinking the weight loss was going to be hard to come by. I have always had a hard time losing weight for some reason, maybe the thyroid issue I have battled since age 20 has a little something to do with it. But in the last month I have followed the WW program, exercised as I can, putting in more water, lowering carbs...and losing it is still very hard to do. But through the blogging community I am seeing it is hard for many but strangely easy for some. I read of people consistently each week "down 2.6 lbs, down another 1.3 lbs!" and then there are those like me, "up and down the same 2 or 3 lbs." I am glad for the people that do not have such a struggle because when the scale isn't moving AT ALL with all the hard work, there are days when you are an emotional eater and food is your best friend, you feel like throwing in the towel and eating every damn carb in the house. I am beginning week 8 of the journey, still just getting started and 11 pounds down. I expected to be much further but am thankful for the 11 pounds. And so the journey continues...

Today for breakfast I had 2 slices whole wheat bread with little bit of Brummel and Brown and 1 fried egg:
Had the banana later for snack!

Going to lunch later today with my son who is on spring break who unfortunately for me wants to eat a Chinese buffet. I will make the best choices I can. In the mean time:

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  1. you'll get there. try stepping up the cardio or backing off. maybe your body just needs a change. good luck!