Monday, March 7, 2011

Checking Back In

This is pretty much how I feel today:

I had a decent weekend of staying in within my WW points range, although I have to admit I had one slip in which I ate a poptart. I counted that sucker in, didn't leave it out. I noticed something as I was eating it, it really didn't taste good. It wasn't worth the points, it wasn't worth the guilt I put myself through afterwards. I used to LOVE poptarts, that and big glass of milk was a comfort food. Needless to say I was shocked to discover it tasted fake. Did all those millions of past pop tarts taste fake and I was too food drugged to notice? Damn...Ah well, I am definitely in the "before" week which is a hard one for me and I am trying to maintain my weight. No loss to note, no gain and this is begining to really get on my nerves. I am seven days into March with nothing to show. I am not happy right now.

I had tons of company this weekend and wasn't able to take pics of what I ate. I did make the Buffalo Chicken Salad and it was "ok" and I did make the Banana Muffins and must have done something extremely wrong because they tasted horrible and I threw them all away. I had plenty of fruit and vegetables, drank water and exercised. Still up and down that two pounds, so I decided to not weigh for a couple of days, and just keep keeping on.

This morning was a Thomas Bagel Thin with 2 tsp. peanut butter and a little bit of Polander's Grape Jelly for
6 points. Lunch--a 6 oz grilled chuck hamburger on a wheat bun with little bit of Miracle Whip and lots of green lettuce for 10 points and steamed vegetables. I will do better tomorrow at trying to get a picture of all my lucious foods I am eating.

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  1. LOL that comic thing is great. I've been feeling the same, I have +0.2 lbs to show for March :/ I love that you felt differently about that poptart. After awhile of eating better, my tastes have totally changed. I used to love potato chips and french onion dip and now it actually turns me off and I don't want it at all. Thats a good thing! Lets choose to see the silver lining :)