Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ponderings of Yesterday...Let's Go Left

Nearly every blog posted I have looked at this morn is saying the same thing, yesterday was HARD for most of us. We wanted to eat. We wanted to eat again. We wanted to eat somemore. We were depressed, sad, discouraged, angry, tearful, many negative emotions were hitting us at all points of the US and Canada. The stars and moon must have alligned in some screwed up order because most of us gals (I don't follow any men right now) were HUNGRY! Some of us binged alot, some of us binged a little, some of us just had a few things we shouldn't and some, like me, fought the shit out of it the entire day and evening but made it without eating our children. After the fight and struggle of the last few days and especially yesterday I got up and weighed and was up some. I could have cried but said, "to hell with it," and got right back to making sure everything going in my mouth the next few days is on plan. I will bust through this platuea! But I digress, I am still pondering the facts of yesterday and how it was universal for all. Small and strange world. And I am happy I started blogging to read and see it isn't just me, there are many with me and I am glad I have found kindred hearts (stomachs.)
At this point it seems as if nothing is going "right" in my weight loss because for three weeks of eating OP and not cheating except for 1 poptart the scale has only gone up and down within 2 lbs. It has been frustrating and challenging for me not to just say "F@*#^ it" and just eat what I want. This is my old mentallity of giving in when the scales don't move in cooperation with my eating. But something is different this time and I know it, I am actually saying and being truthful and it is presidented: I have only had 1 poptart. No cokes, no candy, no cakes (other than a WW treat now and then) no binging on carbs no, nada, nothing...for 58 days I have eaten fruits, vegetables in all sorts of ways, lean meat and whole wheat for the majority of the time. I am not having problems with acid reflux quiet as bad. I am exercising 2 to 4 times a week. I am drinking more water. I follow the 29 points I am allowed each day on WW and rarely dip into the weekly extras. I watch my portion sizes and try and measure everything correctly. So I guess I am doing many things RIGHT now that I was not 58 days ago and maybe I just need to turn LEFT a little bit and tweek things. I don't know...but I do know I am not quitting.

I have been thinking about the price of food and gas and ways I can budget better. I am finding it is very hard to eat healthy and save money. Fruits and vegetables are very expensive right now and I am constantly returning to the grocery to make sure I have everything I need to stay OP. I looked through the pantry, fridge and freezer last night then sat down and came up with as many meal plans as I could using things I have. I made a small list that I will need to go and get to follow this plan then I hope to stay out of the grocery except for bread and milk and maybe a little something my son needs. I made a list of Breakfast Ideas, Lunch and Dinner Ideas, and Snack Ideas and finalized with Extras for Jacob. 


  1. I know just how you feel. I hit a plateau around the same weight. It was very frustrating. The way I got out of it was staying on plan (no treats for me) and strength training and a break from all the cardio I was doing.

    As for the food budget, try eating fruits/veg that are in season right now. I think grapefruits are in season now. They are inexpensive & low calorie.

  2. It is so frustrating that all the healthy options are so much more expensive. If I just buy produce, I can easily spend $50. And even things like bread or buns are so much more if you buy the healthy versions. Annoying!