Monday, March 28, 2011

Spicy Chicken Breast Sandwich

Here I am but I will be out next couple of days, I have been catching up on reading different blogs this morning. Weight stayed the same AGAIN, only 1 pound gone for this month and I am just blowed away by that. I changed my goal of getting under 200 lbs to getting under 205 lbs by the end of the month (and getting under 200 seemed so easy a month ago.) Ah well...the Weight Watchers program goes on...

This weekend I made Spicy Chicken Breast sandwiches ( 7 points) on a whole wheat bun (4 points) with just a few baked french fries (2 points.) These chicken breasts were from Schwan's Foods and I baked them instead of frying. The reviews said they were "not that hot" and did say "peppery" but when they say "peppery" they mean "PEPPERY."

This morning breakfast was 1 egg with a shot of egg whites, sprinkle of shredded cheddar cheese and 2 slices bacon scrambled together in Brummel and Brown for 7 points. Lunch was a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread with a slice of pepperjack, 1 tsp mayo and lettuce (9 points) and a few pork rinds (not real healthy for you but the best choice at the time, 9 pieces for 2 points.)

Remember last month when I posted I was considering buying an eliptical? I am considering no more, this non-movement on the scales has prompted me to get more exercise into my day and I ordered this:
I am waiting on it to be delivered then I have to rely on my brother and cousin to put it together for me. I understand the eliptical will not work unless I get my end on it and make it work. That is my main goal for April, work up a good exercise program at least 5 days a week. Matter of fact my goals for April are:
1. Continue to track my points daily
2. No soda
3. Drink water everyday
4. Exercise at least 5 days a week.
No pressure to be under a certain weight, I almost went crazy this month with the damn scale not moving.


  1. That looks good! It's like a fast food meal without it being as bad as one!

    That elliptical looks so cool... it'll be a lot easier working out on that at home.

  2. you will love having an elliptical at home. watch tv and forget you are working out. it's great!