Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Wednesday!

How is everybody doing today? I am hanging in there, bit disappointed in my weigh-in this morning as I was up some for no good reason, but that happens. I know I have been staying within my point range and have not dipped much into my weekly points so it isn't caloric intake making me gain. I want to add another goal to my March Madness push: MORE FISH, I don't mean my Southern Fried Catfish. I bought a small recipe book while standing in check out line at Walmart this morning (where, by-the-way I paid $4.11 for 3 squash and did not realize it!!! WTF Walmart?!) that was entitled "Fish and Seafood Recipes" so maybe I can get some ideas.

 I have a question, when totalling your weight loss where do you begin? Do you start at your highest or do you start where you just started again? Meaning a year and half ago I weighed 236lbs, I got down so far and quit dieting, just maintained what I was, then at the beginning of 2011 made up my mind to go for it and I weighed in at 217 lbs. which is where I am now subtracting from showing up and down a 9 to 10 lb. loss since first of year. From a year and half ago that's a 29.4 loss, which in the scope of my my...doesn't that look good?!?! Just curious how everyone else looks at their weight loss.

The morning started out with a wheat bagel thin topped with little peanut butter, banana and some Polander's All Fruit spread and a cup of 1% milk:

and another Green Monster through the morning for snack: 2 oranges, large handful of spinach, pack of Splenda, blended up with lots of ice:

and lunch had to be a business lunch so I had a huge salad with probably TOO much Ranch and a piece of fried chicken with no skin. Not the best lunch but I have had much worse in the day. Hope to check in tomorrow, everyone take care.


  1. Hmm, that's a good question. When I get to my goal weight I will probably add in the extra lbs lost from my highest weight. For now, I am just using the start weight that I was this time around.

    Question for you- how tall are you?

  2. I'm trying not to get fixed on lbs lost but on the bigger picture of doing the very best I can to get from where I was to where I want to be and that SO much that I'm letting the score take care of itself. I don't think it matters which way you lost or this phase loss, do what is right for you and make no apologies for it ..this is your way, the way that motivates you most