Friday, March 25, 2011

A New Snack Find

I found these and they cover a fruit serving and only 1 point+ per bar:
It has turned cold again in TN so I am going to be making a pot of chili this weekend.  So for the dinner weekend menu planning ( I must plan this out each weekend because as I have posted weekends are hard for me) I have:

Chili with lean chuck, 1 low fat cheese stick and raw veggies
Schwan's Spicy Chicken filet on whole wheat bun with baked french fries and raw veggies

Breakfast this morning was protein: 1 egg with a little egg white, sprinkle of cheese and 2 slices of bacon scrambled together and a Cutie. Here is lunch (and the pic is terrible, had to use my cell phone but it gives yo an idea) 2 slices 100% whole wheat  bread, 1 slice pepperjack cheese and 4 oz. baked chicken breast with lots of green lettuce for 9 very filling points, with carrots and broccoli pieces:
Then later in the day I got really, really, REALLY stressed and instead of eating everything I could find I settled on a WW Cinnamon Crumb Cake and it took the edge off for 3 points.

So what's everyone's plans for this weekend? I will talk to you on Monday...

P.S. I have ordered the eliptical!!!

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  1. how exciting that you have an elliptical on the way!!! :) i want one of those!

    seems like you're doing well. keep up the good work!