Monday, February 7, 2011

Food Find

I am happy to say the scale is beginning to budge a little. I took the advice off of the Friends for Weightloss and began to really pay attention to my portion sizes. Well, needless to say I have been eating way too much by just eye-balling it. I have started weighing and measuring and have had and since the beginng (first of January) I have lost a total of 6.2 lbs. I will take it.

I have been trying different foods lately, more salads, more fruit but I still have a salt craving once in awhile and I have tried two different foods to help with that. One I didn't care much for the other I LOVED! To start off I tried a bag of regular POP CHIPS, thoughts: meh....not so good.

While at Sam's I found a bag of Sensible Portion Veggie Straws and took a chance with the nutrients being
calories: 130, protein: 1,  fat 7g, carbs 15g, and fiber 1g for portion size of 38 straws a mere 3 delicious points value. Well worth every nibble.

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