Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rainy Day Eats

Woke up this morning to thunder and lightning for the first time since fall, it was a real boomer and now we are under a flash flood warning with the storms continuing to move through. I have been searching around different weight loss blogs when I had a little time this morning. I have found a couple I have added and want to follow. One had a quote I want to share before I move onto the most important stuff...FOOD... but it goes like this:

"Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always try just one more time." Thomas Edison

That pretty much sums up my lifetime with weight loss plans. My biggest weakness is that I give up but I always try again at some point. I am tired of giving up and am going to try my best to make 2011 the Year Kelly Gets Healthy and Feels Better About Herself. I want to see how, for the first time since I was a teen, what does it feel like to feel good in my own body. I realize weight does not define who we are, but for me it does define my personal self-image.

Today I woke up and looked at what I had laid out from the freezer-- a serving of steel-cut oats I was going to have for breakfast. I took one look at those gray-looking, cold oats and I said, "nope, not today..." I was craving protein as I had only had a smoothie of spinach, low-fat yogurt and frozen fruit the night before so I looked in the fridge and came up with this one--I took 4 asparagus spears and cut them very small along with a piece of onion chopped small and cooked them down in about 1 tsp Brummel and Brown. Added 2 eggs mixed together:

then added one slice bacon and sprinkle of cheddar cheese:

and had that with a cutie for a 7 points plus breakfast.

Got hungry for a snack and had this mid morning for 1 point:

When I first opened that WW treat I just stood there looking at it thinking, "where the hell is the rest of it?" The WW cinnamon crumb packs more punch if you want to use 3 points.

Lunch rolled around and I had 2 slices of 100% whole wheat bread, 1 tsp Miracle Whip, 3 oz. lean ham, 2% cheese slice loaded with green lettuce leaves and plenty of veggies to go with it, for 10 points. You can adjust your sammie down in points anyway you want.
I am beginning to get some support on this blog and I didn't realized when I started how much I would appreciate it! Thanks Girls!!! After reading many blogs it seems one thing is for certain, we may all be doing different diets, different exercise programs but the main thing that will work is to be consistent in whatever we are doing. I usually go into diets thinking I should drop 10 lbs the first week and 5 every week thereafter. As we all know, So. Not. So. This time, as I have stated before, one day at a time for me...some haven't been too hard, some have been a struggle and I do mean HARD STRUGGLE, but I just keep picking up my feet one in front of the other. Stay with me Girls...

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  1. Hi
    I totally agree with you - weight doesn't define who I am - as a Mother, a friend, an employee...I know I am valued for who I am by these people.
    Oh but weight defines how I feel about myself, Oh but it does.
    I'm 100% with you - I want to feel good in my body for the first time since a teen. Me too!
    Great Post...staying with you all the way to our teens...again x