Thursday, February 17, 2011

I Still Feel Rotten...

With that said I am hoping to be feeling much better soon! I don't have the time to be sick and trying to diet and exercise I don't WANT to be sick. Moving on to some thoughts on exercise: my brother is a personal trainer on his days off from the Real Job (I have never been a good poster child for him!) but he has been helping me along and giving me tips, etc. I have alot of trouble with my the joint in my left knee hurting and popping like crazy. I have been diagnosed with osteroarthristis in my hands so I am wondering about knees now. But he has been doing alot of research on elliptical machines and has narrowed it down to a couple. The price about made me puke but he has it's worth it to get a good one and it will take the stress from my knees. Here is one I know he's looked at:

Livestrong and it's promoted by Lance Armstrong (which I could care less about that) and he's looking at another one too. I have absolutely no idea what I need, I am leaving that up to him. He (my litter brother) has always been slim and works out to GAIN weight which is just blows my mind. Another thing that blows my mind is my son. I have a 10-yr-old boy that was born premature at 26 weeks weighing in at 1 1b and 1 oz and now has cp. The way his muscles burn calories he is always in what they call "metabolic burn" and has to take medicine to make him eat. This metabolic burn makes him feel like he is on a diet pill at all times. I have to make him high protein and caloric shakes and beg him to eat. I just can't fathom this as I have fought my weight since I was a little girl and always, always loved to eat. But we are all different aren't we? My mom and brother are slim people that can eat anything and everything and never gain weight. Me and my dad, well, we gain it.

Been reading on different blogs trying to find new things to eat. If anyone has any good places to look or ideas I am interested. Things are starting to get a little old and I want to pep it up. Over at  I Need to Get me Back blog she is trying smoothies every morning with spinach and fruit and I think I am going to try one and see how it goes. Seems like everyone likes them but I just don't know how to think about spinach in a drink. Love it in a salad, not so sure about anything else so I guess I will found out! Here is a recipe she has been having lately: cup of spinach, a banana, an orange and about 1/3 cup vanilla yogurt. We shall see!

Find of the week: Blue Aguava Nectar-bought at Kroger organic selection aisle

Product Description

A low glycemic organic sweetener, Wholesome Sweeteners Premium Organic Agave is a natural nectar made from of the Blue Agave plant. Agave has a Low Glycemic Index (GI), so it is slowly absorbed into the body, preventing spikes in blood sugar. Raw Blue Agave nectar is produced at a low temperature (less than 118 degrees F) and has a full sweet flavor with subtle molasses tones. It is 1-1/4 times sweeter than sugar, use wherever you would table sugar. USDA Organic and kosher certified. Suitable for vegan, vegetarian, Halal and plant-based diets. Product of Mexico

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  1. Hey there! You can't taste the spinach in the smoothies! :) I would definitely not be drinking a spinach-y tasting drink in the morning... or at all, haha! And you can use any fruit you like, just basically two servings. It's nice to get in one veggie and 2 fruits for the day right away. And also put in a cup of ice!

    I originally got the idea/recipe from A Journey to Thin's blog. You put the 2 fruits in the blender and blend, then add the spinach and blend, and then the 1/3 cup of yogurt, and then the ice. Doing it in that order makes it a lot easier. Let me know how you like it!