Friday, February 11, 2011

More Food Finds

Checking in on this Friday, happy to report I have been keeping my points at 29 and not going over into the flex fund very much. This past week was a hard one being all horrormonal, but it's the weekend and hopefully I will be in better humor soon. God love us 45-year-old perimenstral women. Had one of these after lunch today and I have to say it was well worth the 3 points only it was so good I wanted more:

and I also had half a serving of this with my baked chicken breast for lunch:

It was meh...ok I guess when you are in a hurry and needing some veggies. It was 2 points for 2/3 cup due to the butter sauce the veggies had. Here is what the final plate looked like:

Went to grocery store today and loaded up for the weekend. Going to make homemade chicken (wheat) noodle soup, and chicken stir fry. Chicken, chicken, chicken, I sware I think I am starting to grow feathers. Guess I need to go on-line to different blogs and forums and see what others are eating. I am needing to refresh the menu a little.

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