Friday, February 25, 2011

Here Comes the Weekend!

I tend to dread the weekend when it comes to my diet. It is on the weekends I have to control myself and my eating. I guess when I am not working I have time on my hands to "think" which gets the emotional eating going. This weekend I am going to have a goal which is to find something pleasurable to do, other than eating, every time the urge hits. I am going to stay in my points range, drink water and exercise Sat. and Sunday. I want to end Feb. 2011 on plan as I am happy to say I have been the ENTIRE month.

Here is breakfast a Ham, Egg and Hashbrown Scramble, a recipe I found on the WW site. At first I was hesitant to try it but it was VERY good. First I baked a frozen hash brown pattie and topped it with 1 egg and some egg white scrambled with ham pieces and just a sprinkle of cheese. The recipe says it's 4 points but I added the sprinkle of cheese and scrambled it in a little Brummel and Brown which upped it to 6 points for me. It was delish! and I will be fixing this again but plan on adding some veggies to the eggs:

Now on to the bad was staff meeting for us and we always go out to eat lunch. I knew it was not going to be where I could pick decent at lunch today and it was not! We ended up at a hole in the wall where everything was friggin' fried! I ordered a fish plate with a baked potato and ate it sparingly and still ended up using 19 points!!! Look at this people:
Southern Fried Catfish! Notice there is beans and slaw to the side along with everything on the plate. I have alot to take home but the little I allowed myself to eat was soooo gooood. I won't be having anything tonight but a Green Monster (smoothie).

So how does everyone else handle the weekend or is it even a problem for you?


  1. I so hear you! The weekends with family and/or friends is so challenging for me. It sucks to have to watch what I eat/ drink when everyone else is having a great time and not even thinking about. I actually just wrote about this on my blog... so I'm on board with you- staying within points and working out. (And no drinking for me) Sometimes the weekends make me feel like I'm on a Biggest Loser challenge or something, it can be so hard! Good luck!

  2. Your dinners look brilliant!
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