Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend Over! Day 49, 7lb loss for Feb.

Whew!! Made it through the weekend! I battled my hunger ALL DAY Saturday, and I do not know why it was so hard to stay out of the kitchen. It seemed like all I wanted to do was go in there and binge on something. Isn't that crazy?! Why do I do this some days? I didn't have the urge Sunday, although this is the day we had my niece's birthday party and I did have ONE cupcake but I planned that into my daily and didn't partake of  the chips and dip or icecream, drank water. Who knows? I know I sweated bullets and a couple of times walked into the kitchen thinking, "this is nuts, eat before you go crazy..." but I made myself walk back out and go do something else. I was able to walk only once this weekend. It has been storming like crazy here. I didn't get to get pictures of everything this weekend but here is Sunday morning breakfast and if you never have had steel cut oats you need to try them.

I made these last weekend and froze a serving and this is what I started out with, looks blah doesn't it?
I added one mashed banana, 1 tsp of peanut butter and a shot of agauva syrup and it ended up not bad after I heated everything through:

I wasn't able to snap lunch but by golly I got the cupcakes!!
Next comes breakfast from this morning which was delish! I had my baked hash brown pattie and topped it with saute'd onion and asparagus, 1 egg with a little egg white, sprinkle of cheddar cheese and one oz of cubed ham all scrambled together for a 6 point breakfast:

and I made me a Green Monster for snack: 2 oranges and a handful of baby spinach whipped up with a pack of Splenda and ice:

And here is lunch: KFC grilled chicken breast, KFC taters, KFC green beans and steamed veggies from home for a very filling 7 point meal.

One more thing before I get busy, I found a great tasting snack if you have 4 points you want to burn for the bag, there is alot in there and very good. Curbed my chocalate craving too!

This week I will be in and out of the office as we are in the middle of a murder trial so I will be busy and may not keep the blog up like I should. I do plan to keep up with everyone else as I best I can this week. Take care and I will check in and out! Everybody keep up the good work!

7 lb loss for February, 2011


  1. kudos to you for the self control! I know how hard it can be to turn down your fave treats (esp. at a party where everything's RIGHT THERE under your nose)!

  2. Cute cake! And great loss this month! Keep it up!