Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Snow and the Struggle

Had white out conditions here is West TN yesterday so I ended up having to leave work early and get my son from school. My brother brought his daughter over and we took them outside to build a snowman with a good ole snowball fight too.

 Yesterday was a struggle in the food department and today is too. It is my week "before" and I crave food like crazy all week. I managed yesterday to have my 29 points with only 3 extra from my flex fund, although it was hard, and trying to get through today. Today for my lunch I am making myself a homemade pizza with whole wheat pita, pepperoni slices, 2 Tbsp hamburger, mushrooms and low fat mozzerella for 9 points and a large salad with little bit of full Ranch dressing. Pizza turned out good didn't it?

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